08 November 2010

Happy Monday Y'all

So I have been up since around 2 a.m thanks to a little hobbit who has been complaining of a stomachache every evening in the middle of the night.  I am not sure what is wrong with her so I did a little research in the middle of the night - yes, I stay a bit after I put her back to bed to make sure that she is indeed alright and goes back to sleep.

My fear has been appendicitis because it's her belly on the right side.  Pokey had to have an emergency appendectomy a few years ago the day after Thanksgiving so it's always the first thing I think of around this time of year when someone gets a bellyache.  Thank goodness none of her symptoms fit - even the location the right is wrong.

I have it narrowed down to options - one is logical given the family history and the second would make our life a living nightmare.  Option one is simple acid reflux.  Given the family history with heartburn and such, I could believe this to be the case and it's a simple fix.  A little medicine every day and we're right as rain.  I'm praying it's this simple... because option two means a major life change.

Option two is Celiac Disease and it would mean that she is basically allergic to gluten.  I would think that if you had such a condition, it would have been present since birth but it is the second closest match to her symptoms.  This option, not to be flippant, does not work for me.  In order to make her food gluten free, I would have to make the entire families food gluten free.  I don't have the disposable income to buy a separate pantry full of items to satisfy such a condition... shoot, I don't have the grocery allowance to satisfy such a condition - gluten free is expensive!

Either way, I am prepared and will be calling the doctor's office as soon as they open this morning to try and get her in.  Thank goodness I know he keeps the first hour open for overnight emergencies... love my pediatrician for that.  So the cleaning and laundry will have to wait, Hobbit's got to be checked out... Happy Monday Y'all.

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