08 November 2010

It's Been Quiet

Do y'all remember when I wrote about the dog who lived behind me that wouldn't stop barking?  I thought I'd give y'all an update as to what has been going on - or at least, to our knowledge and speculation.

That same day that I called Animal Control, a truck was out front of the house when I got home with Peanut.  The officer was able to see and hear what I was concerned about... and he also called the owner!  This man had now received two letters from the HOA and an official phone call from the Animal Police - who informed him of the possible charges he could be facing if he did not do a better job caring for his animal.

I am happy, and sad, to report that I have not heard a single bark since... and she's not been outside at all.  Pokey and I think that they surrendered her over to the authorities.  We know this is what is best for her but we also have some trepidation about whether or not they can rehouse her since she's 5 years old with no human interaction and a tad aggressive.

Since I tend to look on the side of sunshine - just call me Nellie Forbush - the baby is now in a home full of love and attention.  She is wanting for nothing and understanding what family is all about... and part of me still wants to leave the owners in the weather with no food or water or attention... just for the week so they can see how cruel they were being because they still need to be taught that their behavior was worse than the barking.

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