13 November 2010

Vampires Bit Me

It's true!  I had to go the vampires yesterday to be bitten so they can figure out what I'm allergic to - sounds useful right, turns out that it's not really.

Blood work for determining allergies is not that fabulous.  The reason that they opted for this first round of tests is because of the high dose of antihistamines and steroids that the hospital put me on.  Apparently, and obviously so, these would mess up the standard skin scratch tests which are the best option in such situations.

So what does all this mean... that as soon as they get a general direction from which to proceed, I'll more than likely have to be scratched, poked and prodded some more once I'm done with the ER medicines... oh joy of joys.

Bright side of it is all is that hopefully it will be pretty clear what direction we'll have to go from there and a repeat performance will never be an option... hopefully.  Fingers crossed and all.

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