29 November 2010

Where Has The Time Gone?

Oh my goodness, time is running out!  Christmas will be here in 26 days and I am no where near started, forget about finished.  This year has been a financial disaster and even though we have been keeping our noses above water, if it weren't from some extraordinary circumstances the situation would be a million times different.

I have so much to do still.  I have decorated the house and the kids have decorated the tree.  Pokey is going to do the outside this weekend.  I have a few items for the girls but notepads and a CD each don't really scream "Merry Christmas" to me... you know.

Hobbit has stated that all she really wants is this horse and carriage for her Barbies and I am praying that I can get that for her.  An actual doll to go in it would be heavenly too.  Peanut is of no help because she bought all that she wanted with her report card money from my parents.

I swear - next year, I am starting Christmas shopping in January and hoarding it up in my parent's room until Christmas.  I will not let this happen again because it completely sucks the Christmas cheer right out of me.  I'm sorry for such a depressing post but I needed to get that off my chest.  Here is a photo I took to make you smile and erase the 'doom & gloom' I just spilled all over the place.

Merry Christmas.

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