09 November 2010

It's Amazing

I love how the little things in life make it all worth it.  A great nights sleep.  A fabulous cup of coffee.  Kids that wake up by themselves on a school day with plenty of time to get ready.  It's the little things like that which make my days amazing.

Last night, I was so exhausted from being woken up in the middle of the night over the last week that I went to bed at 9 p.m.  Now I know most of you are thinking that isn't early but I generally won't begin to think about sleep until roughly 11:30 p.m. so it was really early for me.  I kissed my husband on the head, posted reminder notes about taking Hobbit to the potty before he came to bed and fell fast asleep.  The best part is, I slept all night.  No little fingers poking me to tell me that they had a bellyache!

We elevated the head of her bed with pillows and blanket rolled up to roughly 30 degrees, which looks a lot steeper than you imagine.  She slept beautifully.  I was worried she would flip out of it because she sleeps on the edge of the bed but she stayed in.  Hobbit got such a great nights sleep that she woke up on her own in a fabulous mood!

It's amazing how a simple thing like uninterrupted sleep can color everything rosy!  So now I am off to go pack lunch for my silly little ballerina, find a 'doable' weight-loss and exercise program for me, clown around a bit and enjoy my fabulous day... who knows, just might dance around for the sheer joy of it!

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