17 November 2010

TP Turkeys

So now that I am awake from Hobbit's nightly tummy ache, I thought I would be more creative regarding my time alone in the wee hours of the morning.  I checked my Facebook page.  I wrote an email to Hobbit's teacher explaining how she would be absent today due to my taking her to the doctor.  I researched possibilities as to what is causing this nightly distress.  All in all rather productive, no... but wait - I have more!

Nothing gets the creative juices flowing more than lack of sleep and delirium... right?  Right!  I have just figured out how to create a TP Turkey for the kids to make over the break for our Thanksgiving table!  Oh yeah, it may be 4 a.m. and I'm averaging 3 hours of sleep a night but this baby rocks.

Here's what I've figured out you need for each TP Turkey:
  1. Empty TP roll - if you feel the need for bigger, go for a paper towel roll!
  2. Construction paper - any color for the kids but if you're a stickler then try for orange, yellow and red.
  3. 2 Googly eyes - we have animals so I will not be buying these... we can draw them on just fine too.
  4. Markers
  5. Glue
  6. Tape
  7. Scissors
Now, here's is what I figured we are going to have to do to make the TP Turkey:
  1. Cut out feathers in oblong shape.  I'm thinking about 9 or 10 feathers for the little fella.
  2. Cut out an orange folded triangle for his beak.
  3. Cut out the little red floppy peanut shaped gobbler (it's late, y'all know what I'm talking about here).
  4. Draw the feet (or cut out of orange paper and glue if you want) on the TP Turkey.
  5. Draw or glue on the eyes, beak and gobbler thingie.
  6. Tape the feathers to the back of the TP Turkey.
There you have it.  One TP Turkey fit for any Thanksgiving dinner!  If you wanna be super cute, write the names of the people coming to supper on the feathers and use as a place holder... oh yeah, creative juices are really cranking now.

Imagine once I have some coffee... look out world.  I'll post up a photo of one as soon as I make it... it's going to be so cute!

*Update ~ Here is the photo, as promised! *
Not bad for a 5 and 17 year old... they explained that they don't have feet because they are sitting on them.. lol.

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