15 November 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness

I've seen this around but never thought to put it down on paper, as it were.  I use it as a reminder to show my thankfulness every day - regardless of the month - but I thought I would share with you all that I am thankful for as well.

1.  The love and understanding of my husband.  He is my rock, my foundation, my light and without him I would truly be lost in this world.

2.  The blessing of my Peanut who has taught me what beauty and grace truly mean.

3.  The honor of my Hobbit who is teaching me what patience and humility truly are.

4.  My parents - the two souls who continue to show me the way I wish to be.

5.  My brother for his perfectly timed oddball sense of humor that can make anyone smile.

6.  Amy1, who is a dear friend that I have yet to meet but brings so much love and light to my days.

7.  April, who reminds me to stop long enough to gaze at the wonder of the moment.

8.  Kathy, whose silent strength screams from the rooftops and lifts us all up with her graces.

9.  Becca, whose compassionate and gentle soul leaves us all soothed in her wake.

10. Jacque, my best girl friend in the world who is more like my sister.  She has the most understanding heart that I could only dream of emulating.

11. My knitting.  The rhythmic motion and melodic clicking of the needles, coupled with the scrumptious feel of the delicious yarn keeps me grounded.

12. The ability to cook delicious meals from scratch for my family.

13. The ability to bake sinfully.

14. My education.

15. My health - no matter how wonky it gets, it could always be worse.

16. My camera so that I can capture moments in time that I don't want to forget.

17 - 19. Music and movies and books - ways to get lost in fantasy worlds to recharge.

20. My dog who always loves me, no matter what happens around here.

21. My cat who brings joy to my girls which is more important than my allergies.

22. My home - the trim and trappings don't matter, it's what's inside that counts the most.. and my house is filled with laughter, love, music and joy.

23. My coffee.

24. The sun on my face and the gulf breeze in my hair.

25. Sidewalk chalk - because not all masterpieces are done on canvas.

26. Hugs - from anyone really.  There is no way to have a worry in the world when you're being hugged by a loved one.

27. My crock pot - yes, I love my kitchen appliance because it makes delicious pot roasts.

28. Wisdom though the years and the humility to learn through my missteps.

29. My sense of humor because the only one who can truly cheer yourself up is you.

30. God - for walking along with me on this journey and wrapping me in his loving arms every day.

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