30 November 2010

At Least It's A Plan

Pokey and I were talking during his lunch break and discussing how we were going to do Christmas.  He said that he had an idea and knew I was worried over it so he has been noodling it around for a little over a week.  I appreciate the fact that he has been wracking his brain to come up with a solution.  Some people simply fuss and make snide comments that are of no value.  Some will even pull out their own personal version of oneupmanship, ranting about all that they have gone without so others could be spoiled in their stead.  Not helpful, really.

Yesterday I was truly having a Lorelei Friday Night Dinner moment with "Emily" in fine form.  I will never understand the mentality behind such behavior.  Is their life so shallow and empty that they only feel better when they are attempting to make others feel awful?  The dialog served no purpose.  It wasn't helpful, insightful, assisting or entertaining - it was simply mean.  It wasn't even as though "Emily" was unaware of my current mindset regarding holiday shopping, as comments were made regarding my previous posts.  No, "Emily" thought it best to belittle and browbeat me for her own amusement.

While Pokey's idea is not the greatest, he has thought it out all the way through and worked to figure out a solution that would please me.  He approached the situation from a standing of love, unlike "Emily", so while I might not be a super huge fan of Pokey's idea, it is an honest heartfelt effort to offer a solution... at least it's a plan, and not heaps of insults coupled with a splash of ridicule and a dash of superiority.

Most things in this world are forgiven simply because of love and family ties - but if those ties are pulled on long enough, soon they will get strained, run thin and break.  Be gentle... be gentle.

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