17 January 2012

I completely forgot...

What... it's how we have to do
snow angels in Florida.
I was going to participate in this week's Ten on Tuesday because it sounded interesting to me - what to do when it's too cold outside.  Living in Florida, we rarely have this issue but lately, it's been chillier than normal.  I love it this way because my asthma takes a break and I don't melt but Pokey... well... he's a horse of a different color.  He shivers like we're under subzero temperatures once it dips below 75.  It's funny to watch, at least to me.  I bet if you ask him the answer would be completely different though.  So grab a warm drink, a snugly blanket and settle in ~ here is my list of things to do when it's "cold" outside...
  1. Actually go outside and enjoy it since it won't last long.
  2. Grab knitting and coffee to sit on porch and enjoy it, since it won't last long.
  3. Take Hobbit to the park for a picnic to enjoy the weather, since it won't last long.
  4. Go on a photo walk, since this fabulous weather won't last long.
  5. Wonder why you don't live in such a climate year round.
  6. Make homemade soup because it's perfect for this weather that won't last long.
  7. Wear my favorite sweatpants because the opportunity won't last long.
  8. Drive with my sunroof open since I won't melt.
  9. Take Buddy for longer play outings since he won't overheat.
  10. Grab a blanket, a book and my coffee and enjoy the rare opportunity to be outside and not die of heat.
I'm willing to bet that my list is going to be vastly different from the large majority of participants today... what do you think?


  1. Oh, I wish that I had your kind of cold outside! Here it is so cold that it takes your breath away when you walk outside... it is like being in a freezer that is perpetually about 5x colder than it should be? (AKA walk-in freezers are warm in comparison!)

    1. Yeah, that might be a bit too cold for me but I sure would like to give it a try - especially if there was snow involved. I do miss snow.

  2. It is all relative! Having had several Floridian friends my freshman year at college I watched them breeze through a New England summer like it was nothing, but then wear Parkas from October - April! But your number 6? Perfect for EVERYONE.

    1. That's what Peanut is experiencing now in South Dakota. Too funny.

  3. You are a rare Florida gal to actually enjoy the cooler weather -- my cousin moved there and has become a greenhouse plant now.
    But the craziest thing for me was being in Iceland wearing long underwear, snow pants a parka and still shivering while the locals sat at the outdoor cafe in their sweaters talking about the perfect spring weather!

    1. I'm truly an Alabama girl, perhaps that's why... lol.

  4. you crack me up! Snow angels in FLORIDA is hysterical....I'll be back

  5. Love it! I am also in FL, and am loving the opportunity to wear some knits.
    Enjoy and get outside! :-)


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