05 January 2012

Random Day

I want to learn how to do this but still trying to find the materials to learn - saw the videos though.
Took Hobbit to go and see this today... so flipping funny!  I absolutely loved it.
Still thinking about this - I really, really want to learn... I mean super really want to learn.
Been making Ravatars and building the team - sign ups start on Jan. 15th.
Did I mention that I've been ate up with the spinning bug... no?  Oh well, yeah, I have.
Had a Honey Mustard Chicken Salad for supper just so I could have this for dessert... yummy!
Yeah... I really need to go and find a kit now because I can't think of anything else....


  1. You know what comes after spinning don't you??
    Dying!! You go girl!!!


  2. I got a drop spindle kit for Christmas. Can't wait to try it, its what Im doing for your challenge!


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