16 January 2012

Motivational Monday ~ 1/16

After a couple of bad days in a row, it's easy to get sucked into a funk of negativity so instead of giving in to the whole "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, that's why I eat worms" mentality, I sit down and think of ten things that make me happy.  Big things, little things, random strange things that only I would find delightful which end up making me chuckle and by the time the list is done, I'm right as rain.  I've had a couple bad days this weekend and I thought that I would share my "Funk Busting List" with y'all.
  1. When someone else changes the toilet paper roll.
  2. The garbage mysteriously gets taken out.
  3. The kitchen fairy does the dishes.
  4. I never have to get my own cup of coffee if Pokey is home.
  5. Making a wish and having a geek grant it. (I'll explain soon)
  6. Hobbit unloading the dishwasher without being asked.
  7. The house being still long enough for me to watch anything.
  8. Listening to Hobbit laugh while she's outside playing.
  9. The feeling of yarn while I work.
  10. The fact that Buddy the Wonder Mutt thinks I'm perfect.
There, I feel better already.  So the next time you are feeling like you fell into a pile a poo and life just isn't handing you lemons but pelting you in the face with them - stop, take a breathe and then make a list like this... you'll feel better, I promise.


  1. Sweet list. And very timely. Hope you're feeling better about things today! :o) I'm off to go work on #9...

    1. Yeah, there is something about soft yarn running through my fingers that just make the world right again.


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