12 January 2012

What'll I do now?!?

Ravelry is currently down.  I'm lost.  I have a routine, you see, and now it's got a super huge adorable puppywrench thrown into it.  I get up, get dressed, have coffee, deal with Hobbit's morning issues, rouse Pokey, pull out supper and sit down with coffee to browse Ravelry for the few minutes before we have to leave to get Hobbit to school... but now, I can't do the fun part of my morning.

I hope they get it up and running soon because I've got things to make!  I'm doing Shannon's KAL for her luvinthemommyhood group, I'm thinking about doing another swap present for Julie and Carli's Simply Notable group and I've to browse for back up dissertation projects.  I need to check in on my Nerd Wars group and the team I've created for this upcoming tournament (sign ups are this Sunday, the 15th if you're interested).  My whole world is now going to be unhinged because I can't sit here and enjoy my yarnie friends.

Sigh... guess I'll go clean something.  So not as much fun as Ravelry... wait... it's back up!  That was a close one...


  1. Was gonna say... its not down for me...

    Also, theres a good site to test that:

    1. Now that is an interesting site. I'll have to remember that one.


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