20 January 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 1/20 - 1/22

It's a wonderfully woolly weekend, that's for sure!
  1. I am going to work on my spinning.  I plan on devoting a lot of time tonight getting knee deep in this project and figuring it out!
  2. My KAL hat is almost done so I'm going to keep plugging away on it.
  3. I was 'gently reminded' by Hobbit that she has yet to receive her Bunny Slippers - yes dear, subtle nudge acknowledged.
That's it, nothing more and nothing less than complete and utter relaxation will be taking place at Casa PMM.  I refuse to clean anything or launder anything.  I am going to play... all weekend long!

What about y'all - are you playing all weekend too?  Don't forget to make time for your challenge projects too - we're at the halfway mark!


  1. you go for it.......my evening is quiet and full of knitting

  2. It sounds like you copied your weekend plans straight out of my planner! Enjoy...

    1. I love to hear that other people are having such a fibery fun weekend!

  3. Sounds gorgeous. Im going to pick up my spindle this weekend and give spinning a go too!


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