14 January 2012

Today I will...

Did she honestly?
  1. Do laundry.  Yippee.
  2. Put said laundry away after each load.  No really, I will.
  3. In between the flips & folds, I will recharge.
  4. I will knit.
  5. I will crochet.
  6. I will read.
  7. I will bake brownies for dessert tonight.
  8. Get set for Round 1, Tournament 4 of Nerd Wars.
Most importantly - I won't be sitting here obsessing over an idiotic line drawn in the sand by an insignificant spec on a power trip who believes they can bully others simply because they don't like them - they don't know them but they don't like them or what they stand for... simply put, they are an unintelligent rectal opening with 'little man syndrome' dealing with 'roid rage.  Nope, I will simply walk away smiling, thankful that I am not them.

I will do what I've always done - make the most out of what I have because ultimately, I will always have enough because I choose to have enough.  A person makes the choice to be happy, sad, annoyed, petty, rude or behave like an anal dwelling butt monkey.

I usually chose to be happy... and today I will.

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