03 January 2012

Tuesday Tunes ~ my theme song

I have a special place that I love to travel to when I have to get a large bit of knitting done. Sometimes I travel to Hogwarts or Middle Earth. A few times I've traveled across space and time to another dimension but my favorite place to go is Stars Hollow. I have coffee with my dear friends and we catch up - they inspire me with their knits and I work on my knitting at the same time. We share and it's wonderful. I was there yesterday and I plan to go back today.  You see, I have to finish Hobbit's Bunny Slippers (which I will write up and post) for another tournament group that I'm testing out during the Nerd Wars gap month... once they are done, I can start my challenge hat and for that, I think we might have to go and hang out with Sheldon and Leonard for a bit.

Thank goodness for all of my knitting "friends" or else I'd never get anything finished.


  1. I see we have some "friends" in common! I am also well acquainted with Darcy and Elizabeth. You are right though- knitting with real people is always more fun!

  2. I don't think I could live without Gilmore girls. I literally watch their seasons every year. When oh when will they make a movie????


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