06 January 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 1/6 - 1/8

Lots of wooly goodness this weekend... and lots of laughs.
  1. Finish the other bunny slipper so Hobbit will stop stealing the one unfinished shell.
  2. Cast on for this project.
  3. Create a cover for my eReader using a Fisherman Sweater style cable pattern.
  4. Go outside and enjoy the cooler weather.
  5. Do evil PT stretches twice a day per evil PT persons.
  6. Have a good laugh and a good cry.
That's what my weekend looks like - how about you?  Anything exciting planned?


  1. Still lovin' on that snowflake hat here. Can't wait to see the eReader cover and...ah, a young Val Kilmer! (we have that movie, too)

  2. Love those slippers. I get a bit nostalgic seeing them....they remind me of the 70s!!

  3. What a fun weekend you have in store for yourself! Willow is such a good movie too, you have totally got me in the mood for it. xD


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