22 January 2012

Sunday Snaps

This week was spent completely focused on one thing...

My little hat and yarnny goodness in general.

I'm thinking daisies are the best choice but not totally sold just yet...

We had Florida's version of snow because it too brings colder temperatures - it was wonderful.

My secret swap box is coming along nicely, very nicely indeed.  I'm very excited about sending it soon.

Yesterday, I worked my hat - today I'll be spinning and working the slipper.  I love weekends like this.
There is a little bit of fun coming down the pike with my gorgeous pink hat - I'm running out of yarn!  I started my figuring when I should begin my decrease repeats and realized that my little ball was too little.  A bit of creative manipulation at work and I still think I'm not going to make it.  I have a plan but I must admit, I'm a bit disappointed... only in the inaccurate yardage though.  The yarn itself has been a dream.  I love how it runs a little thick and thin, the color has definite highs and lows and the texture is so squishy soft.  I would definitely buy this yarn, even at $11-20 a hank, but now I know that they run short so I would simply purchase an extra hank for any project.  Oh and yes, I did check my gauge and it was spot on so either it was a fluke with this particular hank that I won or they run short.  It doesn't matter, I love the yarn and I'm not upset... besides, it could be just the challenge that takes my hat from ordinary to extraordinary... a very serendipitous moment.

Now to the bigger challenge - to pompom or not to pompom... that is the question.

1 comment:

  1. Malabrigo is indeed a dream yarn. Sorry to hear yours is running short. Good luck on your hat knitting!


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