05 December 2012

Busy day yesterday

Traditions Tree Skirt - Ravelry project page link
We had a ton of things to get done yesterday and thankfully, we did enough that I feel a bit more comfortable with the approaching holiday season.  The day started with shopping for Hobbit's Christmas presents.  We have a unique way of handling things because my folks, God love 'em, always go overboard so we are the ones who have cut back.  There is a simple poem we've used to narrow down our shopping -

Something she wants, something she needs.
Something to wear and something to read.

Armed with that little reminder, we set off and accomplished our goal of getting her squared away.  I still have stocking stuffers to get but other than that, she's golden.  I also finished all of Pokey's stuff sans one item that must wait.  We came home after our adventure and watched "Jane Eyre", which cut itself off right at the 2 hour mark even though it wasn't finished - good thing I've read the book or else I would be totally lost and confused.

I also finished one more thing, our new Christmas Tree Skirt. All the gruff and grumbling aside, I really like how it turned out.  We're going to get a new tree for next year that will sit on top of the beautiful sweater chest that my Poppaw made so it will be even more perfect next year.  Overall though, I'm pleased.  It really suits our family and that is the main point, isn't it.


  1. I wish I had a window to put my tree in front of! NOthing more cheery on a dark winter night than to see a decorated and lit Christmas tree in a window!

    1. One of our family traditions, ever since I was a little girl, was to go Christmas light looking on Christmas Eve. I love seeing all the decorations, especially the Christmas trees in the windows. So I vowed that when I got older, I will always put my tree in the window so other little kids can have fabulous holiday memories as well.


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