20 December 2012


I always try to do what is right... to do things as I would like to have them done by all.  Y'all know where I stand on single pattern prices and why I don't charge for patterns.  I always get so downhearted when I find something I really like it costs upwards of $6 or $8 for a pattern.  I couldn't afford to craft if I had to pay that for each item I wanted to make - to offset the market, I give mine to the crafting community.

We are a community of givers by nature.  We give our time to our projects and in the end, the vast majority of what we create we give away.  I know of very few knitters or crocheters who actually have as much as what they give... for every pair of socks we make, three are gifted... for every afghan or sweater, two more are wrapped up for others... for every hat we make ourselves, five more are donated.  We can't help it, it's just a part of who we are.

I woke up to find that 12 people purchased and downloaded my pattern.  That's $12 already.  I have a donation button up there on the right if you would rather donate directly without the pattern but I was tickled to see progress already.  Pie in the sky had me calculating - if we collected the same amount every day for a year, that would be $4380... if it were the total for the month, it would be $144 by the end of the year.. and if this is all I am able to collect, it is still $12 more that can be added to the funds.

As a community of givers, I just wanted to give my thanks to all of you.

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