14 December 2012

Crazy days

Yeah, that's crocheted lace and a pattern!
Oh my goodness - what a crazy few days I've had.  I have another crazy few in front of me too!  I have been lazy, crafting, eating, baking, cooking, reading and watching movies for the past few days.  Actually, I guess I could take lazy out because I have been doing stuff... even working my first crochet pattern off the actual pattern - it's amazing and hopefully I'll be done tonight or tomorrow.

Currently, my online life has been off the charts.  It is Sorting Week over in our Harry Potter group on Ravelry and let me tell you, if you are a part of this group then I think you should be a minion just once.  It is such an amazing experience.  I love it!  We also got our staff assignments, both in our houses and in the castle.  I'll be continuing my role as a Mentor for the students who wander in and don't get sorted - teaching them the ropes and ways around the castle.  It is my calling to do this job, I swear.  It's a blast and a half.  I've also headed home to Hufflepuff where I am the cete mama for the Honey Badgers!  Yep, over the moon for that role too.  Switching over to the Nerd Wars side of things, we are wrapping up the final round of Tournament 6.  My team, Club 33, is currently in second place and we are doing an awesome job.  I may not care much for some aspects of the tournament but there is one thing I will always love and that is my team.  The players we have are so stinking sweet and funny and kind.  I love them.

Tomorrow is my birthday and we were going to go back to Disney for the day but my throat is bothering me today and Hobbit is home because she is barking like a seal with her allergies.  Asthma has been uncooperative for both of us so I think it best if we just stick close to home.  Who knows, maybe we'll go ice skating at the mall instead... or play putt putt... or find something equally as magical to do with the weekend.  Pokey is off so either way, I'll be happy because I'll have everyone who can be home at home.

Time to get back to Sorting... I hope everyone is having as magical a day as I am!

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