22 December 2012

Little goals this week.

There are a few things that I need to finish before Friday of this week so I figured if I would list them, it would make me be held accountable... so here it is, my list of little goals.

1. I'm going to finish this - it's actually due on the 28th for Nerd Wars as my Dissertation.  I am bound, bit and determined to finish it... because I've never missed a deadline in my entire Nerd Wars time.

I haven't touched it since I hit the halfway mark - lots of late night work is going to happen!
2. Making a batch of Christmas cookies to put out for Santa on Tuesday.
3. Dust and vacuum house in preparation for Santa.
4. Organize ideas for Winter term over at Hogwarts.  So far, I am toying with doing an OWL.  I have the yarn and everything but I'm debating on whether or not I'm going to do it now because I know that once I'm done with my Dissertation, my hand might need time to recuperate.  I'm currently in negotiations with myself that if I do one - an OWL or a Dissertation - that I can't do the other.  I might reach a settlement this week because I've offered myself some pretty solid arguments.

I even have my proposal all written out and modifications listed.  I'm thinking it's a go, don't you?
5.  Find Hobbit a new doctor.  I'm looking for an actual pediatrician instead of an osteopath, which is harder than you might think around here.  In Florida, there is a very heavy DO population and we tried them but obviously they aren’t cutting it since I’m no further along than when I started sans my own research and Hobbit is getting worse. Finding a true MD in these parts is not easy but I think I may have found one and he isn’t all the way in Tampa so that’s a bonus. I’m going to call on Monday for an appointment for her on Friday… hopefully it will all work out fine.
6. Make some Christmas cupcakes because everyone needs a cupcake on Christmas day - even the oddballs who don't like sweets.
7. Get the laundry caught up and away so that it isn't mocking me over the holidays.
8. Toss all of the icky ornaments that I didn't like and didn't use this year when I go to put it all away on the 26th.  We are going to get a smaller tree for next year so what we currently have on the tree will be perfect - no sense keeping things we don't like.  This will free up some space in the garage as well.

Smaller, colored lights and fuller - that's the direction we're headed.
9. Take Hobbit to go see "Les Miserables" one afternoon while she's on break.
10. Try very hard to keep my wits during the holiday break - mess won't kill me as long as it's picked up before bed.  Mess won't kill me as long as it's picked up before bed.  Mess won't kill me as long as it's picked up before bed. - I'm practicing my mantra so that I don't go mad.

That's a nice list of things to get done in a week's time.  I think I'll check back in on Saturday, the 30th, to see how I did.  I'm hoping to say I got them all crossed off!

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