09 December 2012

Introducing... Wallace

I love the little tweed flecks in this yarn.
My favorite holiday movie is "White Christmas" and yesterday, I introduced it to Hobbit.  I loved how much she got into it.  While we were watching it, I was designing a hat for one of the women who volunteers at Hobbit's school.  She had made comment that she loved Hobbit's newest hat and wondered how much I charged.  I was honest and told her that I don't craft for money... then I asked her what color she liked.  I think I threw her off because she kept repeating "I wear a lot of black".  Well, this is a true statement but considering that her hair is ebony black, I wasn't going to create a hat that no one could see.

I went diving into my stash and I found this really pretty skein of yarn in a greyish putty-like colorway called "Stone".  It wasn't overly girly and nothing would compliment her love of black than this neutral tweed.  This was definitely the yarn.  While I was making it, all I keep hearing my head was "a slam bang finish", uttered by Bing Crosby's character, Captain Bob Wallace... and so came to be, the Wallace hat.

I think it's an instant classic.
I really liked how it came out but it was missing something.  It needed a bit of a feminine flair that the chosen colorway just wasn't bringing to it.  So I grabbed some yarn that I had dyed in a wonderful burgundy and plum colorway and set to making a cute little simple flower.  Nothing flashy because the hat was deliciously understate.  This flower was perfect but it still needed one more thing - and Hobbit hit the nail on the head when she put the button in the center.  That was it!  The hat was now perfect.  I attached the flower after it was blocked and dried so that the points would be sharp.  I also went through and tacked them down as well because I want them to always be perfect.  Wallace was officially complete... and now it's wrapped up and waiting to be delivered tomorrow.

You are just as lucky as the woman who is receiving this hat - I'm giving the pattern away to y'all!  I've added it to the Ravelry database and everything.  I hope you enjoy it and I can't wait to see what color combinations y'all decided on... because there is more to life than black!  To get your own copy of Wallace, simply download now

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