22 December 2012

Creative cupboard cooking

Ever have a day where you have food in your house but you don't have anything to eat?  Lots of things but a bit lost as to what you want to do with it all?  That was me tonight, until I found four things - cooked chicken, broccoli, cheese soup and rice.  It was awesome!

The spices are Worcestershire sauce, chives, ground mustard, onion powder, salt and pepper.

The broccoli was frozen and I nuked it for half the time suggested - then I cut off the stalks.

Poured the soup in a bowl and added 3/4 of a can of milk, scraping sides to get it all!

Toss in your spices to mix with the soup, this ensures it covers everything.  It's all 'measured' to taste.

Put the rice on the bottom, add cooked chicken, broccoli and soup - mix it all together so it's wet.

Cover with foil and bake at 350F for 35 minutes...

Clean up and wait - or make biscuits and get them ready like I did.

After 35 minutes, stir and taste test.  Now put it back in for 10 minutes, uncovered.

This is when I put my biscuits in the oven because it helps make sure it's all served hot.

Pull it out after 10 minutes and let it sit for about 8 more so that your biscuits can finish.

After those 8 minutes, pull your biscuits and plate your supper.  It's amazingly good!
Do you want to know the best part - I figured out that this supper right here cost me roughly $6 to make and I have leftovers so that would make it $3.  Yet another reason why I love a good old fashion roaster chicken.  This makes the third meal I've made with it - first the actual chicken, then my soup (which gave me two full meals of leftovers) and now this (which gave me another meal of leftovers).

You can't beat that with a stick.


  1. Hey Amy, thanks for popping by my blog. This all looks so yummy - total comfort food - I would probably eat that entire casserole full. Have a wonderful Christmas and much happiness in 2013. Hugs,


  2. Sounds Yummy!!! Thanks for the idea!!!


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