07 December 2012


Oh mylanta, today has been less than fabulous.  I had to go and have nerve conduction testing done on my hand.  I wasn't worried about it because from what all I had read, it was a couple of electrodes and they would read measurements.  I've had an ekg and readings done on my neck, I could do this... no problem.  Yeah, wrong!!

It's not just a couple of electrodes that make your muscles tingle and twitch, it's actual voltage going through your body.. the kind that sparks.. the kind that happens when your mama says "don't put that in the outlet, you'll shock the stuffin' out of yourself".  It makes your arm burn in pain, tears start leaking out of your face uncontrollably and you yelp.. loudly.  It makes your hand hurt for the six hours that follow.. and your face leaks some more.

I only did half the test too.  There was another part where this sadist wanted to jab me with five "deep tissue needles", leave them and hook me up to his evil box of voltage while I wave my arm about.. did. not. happen.  I informed the man that I was done, thank you very much.  He tried to go on about how it is no worse than your average menstrual cramp - to which I asked him how many menstrual cramps he's actually had to make that comparison.  He tried again with childbirth and I again, I asked him how many times he had given birth as well.  This 'doctor' then went on to tell me that he has had the test done to him to teach him empathy... I told him that he must have failed the test - and then I removed all the bits and bobs from me, wiped my face dry and left.

My doctor will just have to try and get all the information he can from the first round of torture.  If he can't then I'm sure between my mama and myself, we can figure something out ourselves.  I called to tell her about it, my face sprung a leak again which caused her face to spring a leak... my husband was upset that he wasn't able to go with me but he's bringing me home some vanilla ice cream and the missing ingredient that I need to make some Apple Crumble.

All I can say is "thank goodness it's Friday" because I honestly don't think I could handle another day to this week.

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  1. Gosh I am so sorry - such poor patient education - the procedure should have been explained to you before you even made the appointment and then again before it began.


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