26 December 2012

2013's Promises to Try

Those who have been with me for the past two and a half years know that I don't make resolutions.  I don't like setting myself up for failure because we all know that is exactly what resolutions do.  Instead, I make promises to try - that way, even if I don't exactly succeed in my endeavors, the simple act of trying makes it a win.

Last year, I promised to try a new knitting or crochet technique that scared me, to move more, to discover more patience and to get organized.  They were lofty goals for me and I think I did a pretty good job with them this past year.  I learned how to do stranded color work, attempted to learn how to read crochet patterns (went rogue every time but I tried), attempted to do a lace shawl twice (frogged one, hibernating the other) and I went beyond the granny square and made actual articles of clothing with crochet.  The moving and patience are still works in progress but I'm trying and since we've moved, I've been super organized and stayed with it.  I'd give myself a passing grade for this past year because I never stopped trying.  So what am I going to do for 2013 - take a look...

  1. Read at least one book a month.  I have gotten out of the habit of reading and I miss it.  I realize now that I have to make more time to read - either in the car pick up queue or just before bed.  There is time available, I just have to better utilize it.
  2. Make my first sweater.  It's time.  Sure, we live where it's super hot but I have always wanted to knit one and I think I'm ready now.  Might test the waters with making it for Hobbit though - smaller sweater, bigger confidence.
  3. Save a thousand dollars this year.  It's a goal and it's super tangible but Pokey and I are rubbish when it comes to saving money.  I want to get in the habit of putting funds away every paycheck, even the smaller ones, so that should he ever come down with the flu again, we aren't in the lurch.
  4. Visit my folks at least once a month.  Now, y'all are probably thinking that is an odd one but I have gotten to be a bit of a hermit since retiring from Disney.  I don't like to go running around and would much prefer people come to me... my mother is the same way so in order to get to see her and spend time with them since they'll just be 2 hours up the road, I'm making it a promise to myself.  She's going to teach me to sew and I'm going to teach her how to use Ravelry - might even get her playing around in the castle, she's a total Hufflepuff, trust me.
And there you have it.  My list of things that I am going to try to do for 2013.  It's actually a rather tough list for me so I'm going to have to push myself a bit.  I think it's fun to look back over the years at the things you want to do and take stock in how far you've come.  There are a lot of exciting things coming with this new year, I plan on making the most of them.


  1. I love your promises for 2013. I think I'm going to join you on all accounts!

  2. Those sounds like very do-able goals. I wish you luck in working on them this coming year. Especially in your sweater endeavor!


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