06 December 2012

FOs and future fun

Isn't wonderful.  I really just love all the sparkles.  Here's the project page.
I was originally going to entitle this post "FOs and French Fries" because I have been craving some golden crunchy goodness for the past three days... I went with the current title because I've got a bit of crafty goodness to share instead.

This blue mug hug is going to be a Christmas present.  I really love how it turned out and it totally suits it's future recipient.  Classy and understated but totally brilliant.  I even finally found the most perfect button for it... then my old blue plastic tapestry needle broke.  Pokey is going to swing by the store and pick a pack up for me on his way home.  There is no way he can mess it up, really... I gave directions to exactly where it is in the store.

I thought I had picked some up when I was out but apparently they fell out of my cart or didn't get rung up or something because when I got home, they were nowhere to be found.  I searched both bags twice.  I did, however, find the greatest yarn for my Winter term OWL.  I will make this project regardless of whether or not it gets approved - I'd rather make it for points though.  It's going to be for Hobbit's birthday so I had her pick out the yarn.  She has no idea, she just likes to help me pick yarn.

I think these colors are very Hobbitty indeed!
Here is the project page, though I'm going to have to modify the actual pattern pretty heavily.  Hobbit is no longer in the size range for this so I'm going to tweak it so it fits.  I'll take her measurements and work from that... although I want to give it a little room so she can wear it longer than 6 months after all the work that I'm going to put into it.  I also chose a lighter yarn so she could wear it more than the 2 weeks that it's cooler.

I still have to swatch for it and figure out the yardage on the squares so I can get my proposal spot on.  I'm going to set it up with the variegated for the bodice, sleeves, inside of each square and seaming. The pink and purple are for the outsides of the squares. We’re going with the “less is more” approach.  I don't like the colors on the actual pattern and I'm never one to do things 'exactly' as shown but I think my vision of this top will be wonderful.  Only time will tell.

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