03 December 2012

It's all done... well, almost.

We finished decorating for Christmas yesterday.

So now, wherever you look - Christmas looks back.

Little angels tucked in special little corners of my world just make me smile.

And decorations that have been around since I was a baby warm my heart.

It's the ones my mama made when I was a little girl that I love the most though.
It's time that I finally add a few of my own to the list - starting with finishing this tree skirt today!


  1. Oh, it is so nice that you have a stocking hung for me! And funny - out of all the ones there - (which are all lovely BTW) it is the one I would have picked for myself! I have one of those cresent moon shaped Santa's too...and a set of little holiday dressed girls too but mine have red coats on, not white ones!

    1. LOL - that would be Peanut's stocking. My mama made us each one five or six years ago and we've used them ever since. I love them because they suit all of us perfectly.

  2. Wow everything is looking so lovely! Laura x (www.strawberrymousecrafts.wordpress.com)


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