02 November 2011

Bonus points for rationalization

Nerd Wars, how I love thee
I told myself that I had a goal of completing just two Nerd Wars challenges.  It's my first tournament and I didn't want to get overwhelmed.  That's what I told myself anyway... the reality of it was that I just had to answer all of them - including the Team Unity bonus.  I couldn't resist it.  It started all innocently enough and then BOOM!  I rationalized each project... you know how that goes - "There are only three left, you can do that easy"... "You've done all but two, go ahead and give it a go"... "Shoot, if you do one more and tie in the unity bonus then you've got a clean sweep!".  Before I knew it, I was crafting like crazy (loving every second of it) and finishing the last project with mere hours to spare!

This round, I fear I will handle myself no better... and I'm having a blast!

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