04 November 2011

Weekend Wonderment (and something else) ~ 11/4 - 11/6

In full blown nerdy swing this weekend - giggle, snort!
There was no need to number this photo because it will all be happening at the same time, all weekend long - Nerd Wars, Round 2 is in full swing around here!  See that pretty cream cabled number - it may get frogged for an original design that hit me while I was driving Hobbit to school this morning.  I came home and started sketching it out... it's under Pattern Protection Services* right now but will be allowed to show it's pretty little face soon.

The two granny squares up there will be joined by a few more so I can send them off to complete the Giving Geeks challenge.  They are headed to South Dakota to help a charity called "Afghan Squares for Pine Ridge".  I really liked the information on the group so I joined them on Ravelry and will be donating all year - as my way of giving back to my daughter Peanut's new place of residence during the duration of her college career.

The beautiful rainbow square up there is answering my Scientific challenge in a most creative way.  The prompt was about anatomy and getting to the 'guts' of it all, which immediately made my stomach flip... and some of the finished projects made it flop.  I mean seriously, who knits a dissected frog and what do you do with it when you're done?  I certainly wouldn't cuddle up with and I know Hobbit wouldn't either... but at least it is the only dissected frog that doesn't smell of formaldehyde - bonus!  Y'all know that I am hyper-competitive (in a good-nature way) so I wasn't going to let this challenge get the better of me - and so I am creating a dishrag in the same colors as a Neuro Scan.  Yeah, that's right - you can't keep a good geek down.  I should be done with it today and it will more than likely end up with a few friends to become my mama's Christmas present... oh, Mama - don't read that... move along... there was nothing to see there...

Changing subjects for the sake of saving Christmas - what do you think of the new format?  I wanted to try it on for size.  There are a few features I miss right off the bat (post tag searching, blog roll list) but I think it might just be that I haven't figured it all out yet.  If you look up to the left side where it says "Magazine" and has an arrow - if you click there, you can see this blog in other formats, even Classic.  There was just something about this design that drew me in - although I am still trying to figure out how to do a few things, I think I might be digging it.  What say you?

*Pattern Protection Services is for the safety of all super, duper top-secret designs until they are ready to be revealed to the world to create... plus, it's fun to make you wonder what's under the pixels.

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  1. Ooh, excited to see the new pattern, hope it appears soon!

    And about the new blog, when you click on the name to read the full post the picture disappears. I also can't figure out how to post a comment in the new format, and when I switch back to the old format, I write a comment and click post, but then the comment vanishes and it brings up the usual comment box with the word verification. But it certainly looks good, if you can iron out the kinks!


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