20 November 2011

Sunday Snaps

Hobbit broke my coffee mug.

We went to watch the sunset yesterday.

One was playing in the snow, one was playing in the sand - my word, how my life has changed.

One more round and then 6 pairs will become 2...
This week has been a roller coaster of emotions around here.  Miss Pissy Britches (that's Hobbit, with attitude) broke my favorite coffee mug - it was the first thing that Pokey and bought after we got married.  That mug depicts the place where we stayed on our wedding night and for the first two days of our marriage... every morning and every night, we would sit cuddled up on that top porch (our private porch off our room) and drink our coffee.  Needless to say, I was in tears and am completely gutted over it.  I know it was an accident but that doesn't change the fact that it's shattered.  On a bright note, my dear friend Marcy called The Alexander Homestead and spoke to Miss Bonnie, the Innkeeper.  She learned that I could get a new one shipped to me for $20.  I love that she took the time to be a little detective, in hopes that the news would ease the pain... I'll be ordering one the first week in December, hopefully.

I've been missing Peanut something awful and yesterday, it snowed.  She called me as she wandered around with her friend, Tiffany, taking photographs.  The same day, Hobbit and I went to the local beach and took photos of the sunset.  It was nice to hear Peanut giggling with all the fun she was having - and then I took this particular shot of Hobbit, and was very sad...

So little - and alone.
I guess because I am so used to seeing two little figures - sure this particular figure is a ham and wants me to take photos of her but the other would humor me.  Whether she knew I was having an off kind of time lately or not, my Peanut posted this photo that her friend Tiffany took up on her Facebook wall...

(c) Tiffany
The power of a simple snapshot.  To hear Peanut giggling on the phone while she made snow angels all around campus was one thing but to have such a beautiful image of her out in the snow just makes it all complete.  I'm so thankful that she has such a dear friend... and a dear friend with aspirations of being a professional photographer upon graduation is just what this mommy needed.

As you can see, it's cold up at Peanut's place so don't forget to send in those pattern submissions for the contest.  My yarn should be arriving this week, at least I would guess it would, and the deadline for entries is  1 December.  Still plenty of time to scour the universe for the perfect pattern - and as you can see, I am going to have to knit fast to keep her warm!

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  1. Shortly after my dad died (which was a few years after my mom died) my husband broke the spaghetti bowl that I had kept. Lots of memories tied to that bowl. Oh was I angry....hurt....sad....cried for hours, probably days. And then I 'pulled my big girl panties up' and had a talk with myself. IT WAS ONLY A THING. The memoried were not the bowl - they were the family and the dinners - the PEOPLE. I eventually apoligized to my husband - it really was just an accident. A piece of the bowl is in a basket with other pieces....if I were enough of a artist, some day they would be a part of a mosaic...You have an intact marriage - a wonderful family - both of which really represent the memories of the time when you got the mugs so much better than the mugs. Do you really want a replacement? That is all it will be - it wont be the one you got when the memories began - and honestly,do you need a mug to remind you of that time? Replace it instead with another mug you find on another special trip/day....a keep part of that special mug tucked away somewhere...but, hold on, here's the biggie, LET IT GO....your daughter is probably much more upset that you are - cause you have those memories - now she has the memory of how unhappy it made you...


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