29 November 2011

Ten on - Tuesday - Tunes

That's right, I get to do a "mash up" today because Carole sent out the prompt last night regarding today's "Ten on Tuesday" and it ties in so well with my normal "Tuesday Tunes" that I just couldn't resist.  Now please keep in mind that these are in no particular order and I am doing all I can to limit myself to just ten entries - I should honestly be given a prize for doing this as this is my favorite type of movie ever... are you ready?  Okay, here we go ~ Favorite Musicals...

Man, that was fun! Now I need to go and watch these... Just curious - did anyone see the 'father/son' connection I put in?  I've got a daddy and a son in these videos - it's an obscure fact that my nerdy heart would love for someone else to know... come on, did you see it?


  1. Love this topic. Great list!! I feel like popping some corn and settling in on the couch for an afternoon of movies and knitting.

  2. Nice mash up! I love Best Whorehouse in Texas. That's a catchy little song :-)

  3. Great list! There are some movies here that I haven't seen although I am familiar with the music. I may have to add to my Netflix queue for winter enjoyment. (Now for some reason I can't get my videos to embed today. Youtube site is looking really wonky :-(

  4. Isn't this a fun topic? Great list you've got, there!


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