06 November 2011

Fetching is rather fetching

The coolest thing since self striping yarn.. nah, it's way cooler
Y'all know that I'm working a new design for fingerless mitts but I ran into a snag when it came time to work on my thumb.  I have done all my schematics and the thumb was my only challenge.. then I discovered "fetching".  It is a term coined by Elizabeth Zimmerman - a late, great knitting guru who has been my knitting fairy godmother for ages.

Miss Elizabeth took all the hard and scary stuff and made it easy, peasy lemon squeezy!  Just take a look at how simple a thumb gusset is now by using her fetching technique.  Oh my goodness, I was too excited to keep this to myself so as soon as I worked it through, I had to show you.  Isn't it amazing... oh, click the photo to make it bigger so you can see all the wonderment.

The first glove should be off my needles later tonight... now, buttons... buttons... where'd I put those buttons?


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