25 November 2011

This is how we "don't celebrate Thanksgiving"

I got a lot of grief from others because we decided to not celebrate Thanksgiving this year.  The three of us sat down and decided that since Peanut wasn't home, we weren't a complete family so we weren't going to do the standard big family celebration - decorations, huge meal, etc - for just the three of us.

Now, just because we said we weren't "celebrating Thanksgiving" this year, that doesn't mean we didn't make wonderful memories for those who were here.  I don't need lectures or tales of glory from others whom claim to have spent this particular holiday without family.  If you believe that you have done so, then bully for you because that was your choice.  We chose to simply not do it.  If you wish to judge me based off of your life experience, well there is really nothing I can do about that - nor do I care to do anything about it either.  You live your life and we'll live ours.

So here are a few photos of how we didn't "celebrate" Thanksgiving this year.  I hope you enjoy... and if you did celebrate this year, I hope it was full of love and laughter from those you cherish most.  Give thanks to those whom love you, don't judge you and will always do their best by you... they are a rare gift indeed.

Chocolate cupcake made to look like "Spaghetti and Meatball".

A quick trip around the galaxy with old friends.

A bit of singing and dancing in the rain with a legend.

A moment in the presence of greatness.

We followed the yellow brick road for a bit.

Met a new friend.

Discovered some new magical places.

Gave thanks.

Monkey'd around.

Met old friends.

"Trouble" with a capital "T".

Made a little magic of our own.

Believed in the power of dreams.

Set our sights towards the future.

So remember - just because it's different from you, doesn't mean that it's wrong.


  1. Exactly! Well said! I'm glad you guys had a great time making new memories!

  2. Thanksgiving is about what you want it to be, traditional or not. I think it looks like you had a lovely day. We had an unconventional day too. We were just 3 also and decided to go to the club for dinner and it was wonderful. I had to pinch myself all week because I couldn't believe I wasn't killing myself getting ready for a hoard of people! Still, I made a turkey just for the leftovers! I draw the line there, we must have turkey sandwiches and turkey soup!


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