28 November 2011

Motivational Mondays ~ 28 Nov

Have you caught on to a little theme that seems to accompany a certain project that I've been working on?  The Social/Emotional aspect of the weekly compass deals with things that stimulate your physical or mental well-being.  It could be something as simple as writing to a dear friend or sitting still to reflect on your day thus far to focus on where you'd like for it go.  This is the most diverse aspect of the weekly compass for me and some weeks, it's my favorite... like this week.

I designed an article of knitwear that I'm rather proud of and instead of simply admiring it, taking a photo of it and sending it off to it's intended recipient, I took it a step further.  Y'all know that I will write my patterns out and post them here freely for everyone to use.  I love to share my designs and even though I have been told time and time again to sell them, I just couldn't because none of them seemed to be "up to par" with the rest of the design world... until now.

When my beauty was a WiP - side note, cute ladybug bag!
This weekend I finished a design that I came up with and wrote out on Monday.  I had a good feeling about it so I sent it out for test knitting on Ravelry the same day.  We were knitting blind, as it were... but I had faith it was going to turn out perfectly.  I worked on mine off and on throughout the week, even while in line at Disney.  It was completed early Sunday morning (like 1 a.m. early) and without hesitation I photographed it, tweaked the pattern and emailed Sharon.  The same day that I came up with the design, she post about an open call to all designers.   Talk about serendipity!  My favorite dyer was requesting original, never before published designs and I just happened to have created an original, never before published design.  When I finished my handiwork, I knew it was exactly as I had envisioned.  To me, it was perfect... so I sent it in to her.

I probably won't hear back about it until the new year but I took a very important step - I sent in a design for consideration to a very popular and well known yarn dyer.  That's like saying you mailed in your demo tape to a producer or sent your manuscript to a publisher.. it's a giant leap in a direction that I have secretly dreamed about for years.  Yes, this means I can't share with you what I created but it does mean that I can share my excitement and happiness though.  Sure, it could get rejected and if it does, that's okay because I know I did my best and I am proud for even trying... plus, I'll get to share it with y'all for free!  It can also get picked up and I will be an official knitwear designer for one of my knitting world heroes... and that will make two dream jobs accomplished - a blessing in any lifetime.

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