07 November 2011

I just had to share!

It is perfection in apple form... I promise!
I made the best Apple Crumble ever in the history of me attempting to create anything remotely close to the perfection that I get at The Rose and Crown in Epcot.  When we went this last trip, back in early October, I noticed a disturbing fact on their menu... there was no Apple Crumble listed!  This left me with no other option than to figure it out on my own.

I knew what I needed - apples, cinnamon, flour, butter, brown sugar.  That's it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  So I searched the internet until I found the most perfect recipe - at least on paper it was perfect.  I tweaked it a bit (I mostly melted my better before I mixed it into my flour and brown sugar.  I also mixed it with a whisk and then folded it several times by hand - messy but it does make a difference).  I add a bit more brown sugar than called for and I also sprinkled it on the top.  The end result - yummy goodness so great you won't even miss the fact that The Rose and Crown took it off the menu... seriously!


  1. This is just like my go to recipe for crumble! And let me tell you, I am quite renowned for my crumbles! I don't even really use a recipe any more...

    I've never heard of melting the butter... thats certainly not a traditional Brit way of doing it. The butter needs to be about room temp so you can smoosh it in with the flour and make a breadcrumb-like consistency.

    Oh and I always add a little extra brown sugar :-) And sometimes I throw a clove in with the apples too. And you should really try it with plums. Plum crumble is to die for! Never banana's though. Who ever came up with banana crumble should be shot. Just sayin' ;-)

  2. Apple recipes are always my favorites!!! Especially with brown sugar and cinnamon!!


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