11 November 2011

Dear McDonald's Corporation

As you can see - it's clearly pink and raw!
To Whom It May Concern:

My husband went to pick up supper for our family.  While there, he had to have them fix four mistakes with our order which prompted him to speak with the on duty manager, Elissa S****.

Once home, we all sat down to eat.  Our daughter requested to eat her Happy Meal (chicken nuggets with apple dippers and a chocolate milk) while watching TV.  We got her set up and we ate our meal.  After she had consumed three nuggets, our daughter came up to us and said her nuggets tasted funny.  I asked her to bring them to me and upon inspection, I discovered that her chicken nugget was raw!  I have no way of knowing if her other three were raw/undercooked as well but I know for a fact that this particular one was.  I called the location and was first greeted by a new manager who completely lacked people skills when his response to this information was simply "I'm sorry" - flat and unconcerned.  When I requested a manager above him, Elissa was placed on the phone.  She requested the nugget be returned to the store so she could see if it was indeed raw.

My husband put it in a baggie, after I photographed it several times for proof, and took it back to the store.  He filled out paperwork and supposedly it is being sent to corporate for review.  My daughter has been queasy for the past 18+ hours because of your mistake.  I would like to know what you are going to do to remedy this situation - I have been on edge for the past 18+ hours, monitoring my daughter for food poisoning from you.


~ This was sent to the corporate offices, just in case they "misplace" our incident report from last night.

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  1. Oh gosh! That is serious! I hope little love doesn't get sick. McDonalds needs to be accountable for this!


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