05 November 2011


It's all coming together... now.
Okay, I didn't last a full day with the new layout because I missed so many of my old favorite features.  I like having the quick search words on the side - they look like a really funky art project to me - and my blog roll was gone so how else can I share with you all the goodness from my favorite spaces in the blogiverse?

So after I completed two more Nerd Wars challenges (Nerd Culture and Scientific), I just couldn't handle how my blog didn't look like my blog anymore.  That left me with only one thing to do - switch it back and heave a sigh of relief - and that is just what I did.  To those who liked like the new look, maybe we can try again once they add a few more features... to those who missed our tried and true image, welcome home.

Now that I feel I have righted the universe, I'm off to cast on for the super, duper top-secret pattern.  Fingers crossed, I've calculated correctly.  Last night, I was up until 1 a.m. measuring, graphing, calculating and physically mapping it out to scale on actual graph paper... and then remeasuring and adjusting.  Oh yeah, I'm hard core in the zone... y'all are gonna love it - I promise!

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