16 July 2012

Helicopters and hand grenades

Peekaboo... I see you
I woke early to the sounds of helicopters and hand grenades in my backyard... and this head peaking out.  He's staring at a line of foreign men sitting across our yard - on the stump and the drop off that we have shored up.

Slowly and cautiously, I step out onto my back stoop and inquire about the two holes that have been dug, so deep that an adult male is obviously lost inside. All superfluous people scatter and I'm left with a person who has more gold in his mouth than understandable, viable communication skills.  He did, however, fetch me someone who did have the ability to communicate, thank goodness. It appears as though the power company has decided to bury their lines - a wonderful idea... except when unannounced, gives one the impression that they are under attack at dawn's first light AND you completely butcher up my cable line which cuts off my internet/cable/phone.

This doesn't make for a very motivational start to the week, does it... perhaps this afternoon I will be back with better news - fingers crossed.

1 comment:

  1. I would have been so pi....Hope it's worked out okay for you!


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