09 July 2012

To Dos

This is honestly what I will be doing today
I have this little dry erase board on my fridge that I use to keep myself organized.  My mama is a list maker too and she used a dry erase board on the fridge as well.  I guess because the kitchen really is the central hub of our houses, it makes sense that this is our system.  There are differences though...

I do my list in the order that it's written.  I love to get the rotten things out of the way first, probably why I start with laundry on every list.  Plus, while the laundry is working, I can get the rest done so it doesn't feel like a lot or that chores fill my day.

I also have my crafting on my list.  It keeps me on track with what I have to get done, especially when I have a lot of projects working at once and they all have deadlines, and it gives it the priority in my life that it deserves.  It's like a little reward for myself and most people will sluff off simple rewards but I make it a priority.  One thing I have learned since retiring from Disney four years ago is that finding balance as a homemaker can be difficult.  The mindset of "I don't work so I must show how busy I am to validate my staying home" that so many women seem to fall into will ultimately lead to hurt feelings and disgruntled family members.  By listing my reward moments along with my chores, I make sure that I have that balance.

So write it all out, every day, and you will be surprised at how accomplished and calm you feel at the end of the day.  Have your list be sprinkled with rewards and fun and don't rush through them.  I tend to stick to an even ratio - if I do three chores in a row, I get three rewards or if I do two chores, then I get two rewards.  I make sure that my rewards are equal to the chores done.  To better show what I mean, look at my list for today...

I despise laundry and to me, it can't be marked off the list until it has been washed, dried, folded and put up.  That's why I put it first... because while it's in the machine, I can get my other things done.  Plus, the machine cycles are timed so it gives me a time frame from which to work.  I also can't stand to mop the floors because the cleaner I have at the moment aggravates my asthma - by the end of it all, my lungs will feel like they are raw and burning.  So my reward for doing two nasty chores this morning is to sit down and work the last few rows on my Christmas tree skirt project.  By the time I have completed that, it will more than likely be lunchtime and I will have recuperated by about 80% too.  I have been promising Hobbit that I will bake cookies with her, a sometimes frustrating task because she doesn't always listen as well as she should and gets ahead of herself.  It doesn't matter how much you love your children, there are tasks that are very stressful when they "help" so I'm going to reward myself with some more crafting during her "Quiet Time" - 2 hours after lunch every day, she goes to her room to read or rest or play quietly.  It keeps our house happy, trust me... we both need the daily quiet time or the evenings are not as pleasant.  The last two things on the board are simple things that I can do while I'm cooking supper, the swimming will be done after supper if it isn't raining and then before bed, Hobbit will tidy up her room a bit.  It's simple and it makes for an enjoyable day - even with all the chores.

I might also add - if you get it all done, great!  If you don't, just put it back on the list for tomorrow... but be sure that you are completing all aspects of the list. That will bring balance and balance is the true key to success.

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  1. I'm just like you ... a dedicated list maker!! I never go a day without making my "to do" lists.


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