20 July 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 7/20 - 7/22

Buddy is a tad overwhelmed with my WIPs... I can't say that I blame him either!
Buddy convinced me today that I need to get my tail in gear and get these WIPs down to something less daunting.  I currently have 4 large projects in the works and they all reside next to my chair in their appropriate bags so that I can carry one with me, should there be any downtime.

They aren't long on the WIP list but you're talking to a girl who tries to keep her project list to no more than two.  I currently have one shawl, 2 pairs of boot slippers and one Christmas tree skirt that are nagging me for time.  The constant whining from them has really worn Buddy out... I mean look at him, poor fella.

Yes Buddy, I promise that this weekend I will finish at least one of my WIPs for you.  It's best if I not burden him right now with my planning for the Ravellenic Games... I don't think he could handle it.

1 comment:

  1. Buddy is so beautiful! I would tell him he could run away and live here with us, but I have too many WIPs too....


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