07 July 2012

Oooo... new shiny things!

My view from my chair - lots of things waiting!
Yesterday, after much discussion with Pokey, we broke down and decided to give the free month trial offer of Netflix an honest go.  We also opted in for the one week of HuluPlus to give them a better side by side comparison.  So far, I think that Netflix might win out.

We are streaming them both in through our Wii and I have to say, it's really rather amazing.  Yesterday, I introduced Hobbit to some classic cartoons and television series (Doctor Who, Garfield and Friends, and The Greatest American Hero), I started watching "Downton Abby" (only on the first episode and except for one scene, I rather enjoy the story thus far) and Pokey talked me into watch "Starship Troopers" (I spent more time with my eyes closed than open).

While I may not have enjoyed every minute of what we were viewing, the options and experience have been more than I dreamed possible.  The only downside that I have experienced so far has come from HuluPlus - it needed a minute to buffer and it's done it twice now during two different shows.

Another plus, I got two hexagons done yesterday during all the shows.  Three more to go and a sole means a completed pair of slippers - and the halfway mark on my Dissertation!!  While I'm off to make more progress on my projects (and my Netflix queue), don't forget to pop over and enter for a chance to win my bloggiversary giveaway... it's right over here.  You have until Friday the 13th... best of luck!!


  1. You will LOVE Downton Abbey. TRUST ME!!! Keep watching. I have downloaded season two because no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't wait for it.

    1. You know me too well - I decided today that I would keep on and every minute that passed, I grew more and more invested. I am currently on Episode 5, anxiously awaiting more free television time to continue!


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