15 July 2012

I should be asleep...

but I'm not because this has been kind of a craptastic couple of days.  Some things I can share and some things I can't because they aren't mine to share, just help carry the load of but all in all - I'm up.

Hobbit broke her glasses tonight.  She stepped on them and the one arm is poking in a completely opposite direction.  Apparently they slipped off the coffee table and under a blanket while she was setting up "camp" tonight.  It took every fiber of my being not to lose it on her.  I know accidents happen but for the love of Mickey, I can't catch a break this week.

Pokey and I have been hit with some stomach bug today, I am working with just a few hours of sleep and then that happens.  I just want to scream or holler or something but I can't because it's late and really, what good would it do in the long run?

When the sun comes up and the store opens, I will march her happy hiney into the shop and have her take care of it all.. on her own.  She will have to tell the sales person what happened and what she would like done.  She will also have to pay for her replacement glasses and if she doesn't have the money (which I know she doesn't), she will have to work it off so that she learns the value of a dollar.  It is summertime and there are plenty of chores that need doing around the house.

My saving grace is that her glasses do have a warranty and they are less than 2 months old.  It is something like 'half of the original cost' and if my records are right, we paid $269 so that would mean her replacements would be $134.  Either way, it's a lot of money regardless of age and to have to pay it again only 60 days later is ridiculous.

I should try to go to bed, seeing as it's almost 1 a.m. and I've got to get up soon.  Please Lord, I know that you won't give me more than I can handle but sometimes, you and I have wildly different ideas about my strength.


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