28 July 2012

Until all avenues are exhausted

I was raised to never give up trying until all avenues have been exhausted... and that is just what I've done today, exhausted my last avenue.

You see, I received some news yesterday that was not at all what I had anticipated - a rejection of sorts.  I did what any normal human being would do when completely disappointed, I sat down and cried.  Yes, I know pity parties aren't productive but sometimes, you need to do it just to cleanse your soul from the heartache and relieve a bit of stress from the situation.  It's what you do once you're done crying that makes the difference... and I wrote a letter.

Just because I was initially told no based off of data results alone, which don't truly reflect that nature of the situation, doesn't mean that I have to accept it.  I find that I can be rather persuasive, especially when dealing with the written word.  So I sat down and decided that I should write this person and fill in the gaps that her data results left bare - to give the human aspect side of things to coincide with her numbers.

If we get the same rejection after she has all the evidence at her disposal, so be it... but then, and only then, will I have exhausted every last available avenue.  Like my daddy always says - what's the worst they can tell you, no?  I've already been told that so I've got nothing to lose, have I.

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