31 July 2012

Good deeds

So the "Ten on Tuesday" for this week is to list off ten good deeds that I have done this past week.  Let's see what I've got ~
  1. Took Hobbit on a surprise trip to the library.
  2. Took Hobbit to the pool after supper, twice.
  3. Mailed off my Hufflepuff hexagon boot slippers (more on that tomorrow).
  4. Defended my friends against bullies, aggressive and passive aggressive alike.
  5. Held my tongue - trust me, that is a very good deed indeed.
  6. Selflessly prayed for someone, even though they have hurt me dearly.
  7. Dropped wishes on the floor for others to find.
  8. Held a lot of virtual hands during these last few days of T5R2.
  9. Gathering clothes to donate to the local homeless shelters.
  10. Charity knitting... always doing some charity knitting.
I know that #7 might be confusing some so I'll explain real quickly - when I get change from a store, I will go out to the sidewalk and drop the pennies randomly so that other people may find them.  Hobbit finally caught on to me doing this lately and asked if she could "drop wishes on the floor" too - and so that is what we now call it.  We love to do it in the mall, by the fountain and then go sit at the Starbucks and watch people find them - if you're ever having a rotten day, do this... I promise it will cheer you up immediately.

So that is my list for this week... and this is my song, always -


  1. Dropping wishes...what a nice idea!

  2. You had a busy week! Thanks for explaining the dropping wishes. I wondered what that was!

  3. Oh I love the dropping wishes! What a great idea!

  4. I'm going to have to steal the "dropping wishes on the floor" thing. How wonderful!


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