29 July 2012

Sunday Snaps

Done - and they are now going to a complete stranger simple because she said she loved them
This week I noticed that my hair is getting a lot of grey... oh well, I've earned them
In the first 24 hours of Olympic coverage, I've managed to almost finish one slipper boot
I have had, what appears to be, an uneventful week... but it wasn't.  Simply put, the events weren't photograph-able. It's been an emotional week, that's for sure but the only thing I can do about it is put my face towards the sun, close my eyes and smile.  I can't change anything - I can simply learn to graciously live with it.

Today is going to be full of Olympic coverage - swimming and gymnastics galore - with a bit of wash in between... although, I must admit that I'd rather be sitting in my chair working on my slippers instead.  So I do what I do best, I'm bribing myself.  One part of the slipper for each bit of wash completed.  Putting it in the washer earns me the rest of the sole from the photo above.  Switching it to the dryer and adding more the washer, earns me a hexagon.  Oh yeah, I'm that gullible and easily swayed... plus, I feel horribly guilty if I cheat.  It's a win-win in the end.

I hope that your week was full of smiles and your day is full of joy.

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