23 July 2012

Winding down

My silly little Hobbit
I realized this morning that in 4 more Mondays, our summer break will be over and Hobbit will be heading off to her first day of second grade.  Our summer is officially winding down.

We started last night with getting her back to a normal bedtime and she was up promptly at 6:45 a.m., as soon as she heard me close the garage door for Pokey.  She woke up with a rush and I heard her exclaim "Daddy" and come running towards the door.  I told her that he had left for work but it was still early so she could go back to bed.  She tried but she's a lot like me, once she's up... she's up.

Currently, she is in the tub.  It's an overcast day with storms projected in a few hours time so I thought it best to go ahead and run the day backwards - to the point that we are even having Breakfast for Supper.  There is still debate as to whether or not we will wear our clothes backwards today or not - I'm secretly voting for the 'not' side of things but I have been known to lose these votes.  We're not going anywhere so wearing my skirt and top backwards won't hurt anything... plus, it will make a dull day rather exciting for someone small who has been cooped up for a large portion of her break because of the nasty weather this summer.

A whole rainy day running backwards - my subconscious trying to make her childhood last a bit longer... to make silly summer days hang around for a time more... to keep my goofy girl as goofy as possible before the riggers of school and pressure from other kids to grow up faster than necessary start their hostile take-over... I'm good with that.

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