27 August 2012

Some headway

So this was yesterday... and even with my wrenched back, I managed to turn this...

Into this. Nothing makes me feel better more than having my kitchen, in order...

Except maybe surprise presents!
You know what makes the ickiness of moving not so icky - getting thoughtful surprises, like the mop and this message, from your husband:

"I just wanted to let you know that without all that you have done these past couple of weeks, the packing up, dealing with people at the utilities, dealing with me being grumpy over moving etc... I just want you to know that you are appreciated in everything that you've done and I love you."

A love note and a dream steamer mop all in one day - I'm a lucky girl indeed!


  1. Ah, home sweet home and, wow, what a sweetie! Fyi, I LOVE my Shark!!!

  2. Lucky duck!! I'm hoping for one of my own when we move as well. The kitchen looks great!


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