24 August 2012

Two and a half hours

I got Hobbit to the bus just fine, she got on and we waved bye - then I was off.  I went to the property management office and the door was locked - I knocked and got nothing. In case y'all didn't know, I'm one of those odd people who doesn't have a cell phone - by choice. Generally speaking, they are of no use and interfere with actual human interactions. I don't need one and I honestly don't want one. I was tied to an electronic leash for my entire Disney career, I'm living my life free. I see no reason to call me at the grocery store. I have no desire to get a text in the potty. Nothing is so important that it can't be left on my answer machine at home... which I will definitely get when I return.

Anywho, I drive home and call the office and they say "whoops, we'll open the back door for you".  I hang up and go back. I pay the deposit/rent and get the signed copy of my lease to carry over to the county utilities office. I was told that if I want to have my water on the same day, be there before noon.  I was there at 10:30 a.m. - and I didn't get back out until 1:05 p.m.!

Yeah, I was not happy but what could I do... and to make matters worse, I left my crochet in the car so I didn't even have anything to work on while I sat... starving, caffeine deprived and on the verge of an anxiety issue. I toughed it all out and kept my cool, unlike the vast majority of other people there. The grumpiness, fussing at the girls behind the glass and the latest in super hero wannabes, Obligatory Obnoxious Guy (OOG for short), who speaks too loudly because he finds himself to know all and be the coolest kid in the building, were all a little much. Yes, the system is flawed. Yes, we've all be waiting too. No, I doubt you could revamp it over the weekend and make life better for all involved. Seriously dude, just lower your volume and shut up - you've got me on the verge cursing a blue streak because of your constant need to yammer.

Instead of creating that gorgeous shade of blue, I decided that I would be the one ray of sunshine in the entire room. I was going to smile to any employee who looked up at me. I was going to daydream out the big window behind the counter and try to block out OOG. My number was finally called, two hours later, and there was a snafu from the property management side. Thirty minutes and two phone calls after that, plus the outrageous fee of $300 to simply read a meter and turn a knob, and I am given a yellow piece of paper and the freedom to leave.

How did my "ray of sunshine" plan go - well, my water is being turned on today even though I missed the cutoff, through no fault of my own, and OOG's isn't. I'd say it was a most exhausting but rather gratifying win. 

Charlie Sheen, eat your heart out.

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