26 August 2012

Sunday Snaps

We enjoyed an epic last day of summer vacation - complete with artwork and ice pops.

Rainy, rainy week and now we've got to worry about Hurricane Isaac... joy.

Fabulous first week of school full of good reports and smiles.

We moved yesterday and this is where I stand today... so much to do!

And simply because I think she has the cutest little baby feet... I share them with you.
Okay, break time is over. I've got a house to put together now... too bad my muscles aren't as eager as my spirit. There is a current test of wills as to who will win out. I'm rooting for spirit but muscles have put forth a compelling argument... a compromise may be in order.

1 comment:

  1. Well, you can either take it a room at a time...or break it up. Probably best to do the most important (i.e. kitchen) rooms first. But make sure you factor in some 'me' breaks or you will burn out too quickly!


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