07 August 2012

Tuesday Tunes

Sure, I was only 5, possibly 6, when this song was big but I have to say - I simply adore Billy Joel. My whole life, I wanted to go and see him in concert... did I ever share that with y'all? No? Huh... oh, look what else I found...

Cruddy cell phone photo back before all the new gadgets... I mean ancient - 3 years ago!

Can you figure out who those two little people are?  Yep, back in March of 2009, I got to check off two things from my Bucket List - seeing Elton John AND seeing Billy Joel in concert.  It was mind-blowing.  They bumped Garth Brooks from my most favorite concert memory of all time.

Enjoy the tunes today... I'll be jamming over here in the corner.

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